Ink Oil

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Ink Oil is a proprietary blend of organic and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grad (CPTG) essential oils for healing tattoos. Absorbed quickly by the skin, Ink Oil soothes and hydrates your new tattoo without leaving a greasy residue.

Each of its carefully selected ingredients have been studied for their medicinal and healing properties. When used with a new tattoo, Ink Oil has been shown to reduce swelling and pain, diminish incidence of infection, scabbing, and shorten healing times.



Inked Oil is a product used for tattoo maintenance and long term care. When used on existing tattoos, it moisturizes the skin with added UV protection and fights against aging and fading often associated with petroleum products and sun damage. When used regularly, Ink Oil keeps tattoos vibrant and colorful.

Cosmetic Ink Oil


Our Ink Oil product is also available specifically for cosmetic tattoos. Instead of using a spray, the roller ball allows you to apply Ink Oil in a convenient way for things such as microblading and tattooed lip liner.