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SecondSkin™ Original Tattoo Cream 4oz
SecondSkin™ Original Tattoo Cream 4oz
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SecondSkin™ Original Tattoo Cream 4oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Travis van Leeuwen
Best quality and value tattoo aftercare products

My wife and I love SecondSkin tattoo aftercare products! The bandages, salves, and foaming wash are a must for new tattoos!

J Singh
Aftercare excellence- tattoo cream and premium matte bandage

With particularly sensitive skin I have been making my own tattoo aftercare body-butter for years and was curious to try a new one. High quality, clean, plant based ingredients, goes on smooth and soothing if a little more "sticky" than I am accustomed. While the absence of a discernible scent left me longing for some lavender, I appreciate the accessibility of an odor free product.
I also tried the second skin premium matte bandage. My skin reacts poorly to the smothering feeling of plastic wrap and I get blisters from medical tape. The bandage went on relatively easily if you follow the video directions. I found it comfortable to wear for almost 24 hours, much longer than I would have allowed plastic wrap on my skin. This particular application was for a full sleeve making it a little complicated to apply but in the end it went on and off easily. Next time I will try removing the bandage in the shower to make things even easier.

Nadine Contreras

The after care lotion has a very nice consistency. Packing is also awesome!

The best tattoo care cream out there

Seriously the best. I have very sensitive skin and the healing phase is always a struggle for me. The tattoo cream by secondskin is the best there is. Natural. Vegan friendly. Handmade. Not overly priced. Just scroll back up and admire the transparency of the ingredients! I dare you to find another company that is THAT transparent about what goes into their product and why they chose it! Fantastic.

I also have to say that their customer service is top notch and personable. I’ve only had to interact with them a handful of times over the years but every time they’re friendly and helpful.

First Time Buyer

I've used several different products over the years and this is my new favorite. It goes on smoothly, feels great, and stops that itchy tight feeling you have the first week after getting a new tattoo. I also love thst its organic and cruelty free. Now I already want another tattoo.