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SecondSkin™ original tatoveringsbandasjerull
SecondSkin™ original tatoveringsbandasjerull
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SecondSkin™ original tatoveringsbandasjerull
SecondSkin™ original tatoveringsbandasjerull


  1. I løpet av de første 24 timene kan det være en opphopning av plasma under SecondSkin™. Dette er helt normalt . Fjern i så fall bandasjen og påfør en ny, ren. Når du har fjernet SecondSkin™-bandasjen, hold tatoveringen din ren og begynn å bruke vår ettervernkrem etter behov.
  2. Du kan oppleve noe rødhet rundt tatoveringen der SecondSkin™ ble påført den ikke-tatoverte huden. Dette er også helt normalt og kan forekomme med alle typer medisinsk lim. Hvis du utvikler en bivirkning på tatoveringen, må du slutte å bruke den umiddelbart.


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great product!

I like it better than many of the other similar products like tegaderm. It's more natural and vegan therefore I believe it may have less adhesive allergies for client's using it.

The very best way to heal your tattoo

I bought two rolls a couple of years ago and chose Second Skin as it was recommended by my tattooist as being the best.
I have always had a very difficult time with tattoo healing. I have atopic dermatitis and very thin dry skin due to decades of hydrocortisone use.
That was until I discovered Second Skin.
I have now had the confidence to get a large scale tattoo on my back, calves and thigh.
I have never had an allergic reaction and it is quite easy to apply and gently remove without pain or damage to my ink. It is so soothing to wear and ensures my new tattoo stays clean and safe from infection.
One really amazing part is all of my tattoos healed within 5 days with minimal used to take weeks!
I highly recommend anyone getting a tattoo tries this even if you heal easily.

Best tattoo healing product on the market!

I heard of second skin when a tattoo artist friend in Florida posted about it . My tattoo artist in Iowa had never used it and didn’t know anything about it. I ordered a roll and scheduled my 9 hour upper arm tattoo. My piece was done in 3 sessions and my artist helped me apply second skin each time. If you see plasma build up in the first 24 hours you are to remove the second skin, clean the area and reapply. I did not need to do this as I didn’t see plasma build up. What I did see was rapid healing! I had no worry about my clothing touching fresh ink & it never got wet when showering. I stuck on my second skin and left it until it began to come of naturally . As someone who gets very dirty at work the ability to move forward without the thought of my tattoo getting dirty was a game changer in itself. This is the best healing I’ve ever experienced and my color is so vibrant ! I’ve used second skin on every tattoo since and now my tattoo artist uses it with all of his clients! Thank you second skin!! You changed the game !

Perfect - always!

Ever since I got my other shin tattooed with a black-heavy piece, I’ve been using second skin. It works every time, relives the itch I normally get and there’s not a scab in sight. If you’re a collector, get yourself two rolls. Same with my fellow neighbours of the north, save a few bucks on shipping and buy 2 rolls. I always round the edges of mine so they don’t “doggy-ear” when I have it on for the week. Go get some!


Product seems to be designed well, but the adhesive gave me a bad rash. I had to remove after 1 day.