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SecondSkin™ Premium matt personlig pakke
SecondSkin™ Premium matt personlig pakke
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SecondSkin™ Premium matt personlig pakke

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adam Wise
Great & Easy to Use

Fantastic product. Simple no fuss application. Amazing results. Period.

Jessi Cavey
Better Than Expected!

I have a few tattoos from several years ago, but have been wanting to get another. I’m a planner, so when I was re-educating myself on aftercare, I came across secondskin. I familiarized myself with all the products, and then researched competitors, tattoo artist recommendations and customer reviews. I was really impressed with the results of my research, and decided to give secondskin a shot. Fast forward a few weeks to my tattoo appointment, and the secondskin application could not have been easier. I left it on for 4 days, had the expected plasma buildup, but ZERO scabbing when it came off. My tattoo healed so beautifully - so much that my husband decided to get his first tattoo, which is currently healing with secondskin ♥️

The product is better than what I expected, and I couldn’t imagine getting another tattoo without secondskin!

Benjamin R

I’m fairly new to getting tattooed and I had heard so many good things about using second skin to heal new tattoos, I got a few pieces done on my arms and used saniderm and some other brand I got off amazon. Both of them left my arms with horrible rashes that made healing even more annoying and also pretty painful even after a month the rashes persisted. Had another appt for 2 more pieces and Read up on this product. Let me tell you its the real deal! They also shipped it to me extremely quick right in time for my appt and I had zero issues after leaving it on for 5 days. They're my best healed pieces to date. Will be buying more!

Shannon Van Artsdalen
Feel protected!

I really love the premium second skin and the CBD aftercare ointment. Having the second skin on always makes my skin feel protected and helps me sleep better knowing I’m not rolling around scratching it.I also love the CBD ointment because it keeps my tattoos moisturized and colorful.