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Nettoyant moussant pour tatouage SecondSkin™ 210 ml
Nettoyant moussant pour tatouage SecondSkin™ 210 ml
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Nettoyant moussant pour tatouage SecondSkin™ 210 ml

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Customer Reviews

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New to Second Skin

I decided to try Second Skins aftercare products as I had/have two rather good sized tattoo projects back to back. I purchased the Wash and the CBD cream. Where I like both products there is a learning curve to them. The Wash really has to be shaken super well before use. I mean you need to shake it for at least 30-45 seconds. I really like the cream for the first week of healing. Though it does take a bit to soak into the skin and not leave marks on your clothes. After I got further into my healing I noticed that I had started to break out around my tattoo, so I switched to a different product. It would be great if Second Skin had a milder but also effective continuous care lotion. Over all pretty happy with my experience so far. With several more sessions on my sleeve, I am putting your products to the test!

Great product!

This wash helped very much in soothing my tattoo. It smells nice and rinses clean. Highly recommend this product.

Dan Sheehan

SecondSkin™ 210ml Foaming Tattoo Wash

Brad Alexander
These Products Live Up to the Hype

I’ve been getting tattooed for a little over 20 years now, and have largely used the same routine, but when I had my knuckles done recently I decided to shake things up. Knowing fingers are notorious for losing ink I ordered the bandages, foaming wash, and After care products. I loved them and highly recommend.

The best!

This is by far my favorite tattoo aftercare product on the market! It’s really gentle and soothing and it smells pleasant too.