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Crème de tatouage originale SecondSkin™ 4oz
Crème de tatouage originale SecondSkin™ 4oz
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Crème de tatouage originale SecondSkin™ 4oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good for more than tattoos!

My tattoo artist always gives this out for after care and I love it! I recently had some other skin problems where my skin was cracking and bleeding. It changed that skin area in a matter of days. Soft and smooth skin. I will be making sure to have this in stock for my general skin care routine.

Healing miracle!

I have extremely sensitive, acne prone skin. After previous reactions and breakouts with other brands (and an almost ruined tattoo), I was highly skeptical about using another medical adhesive. I’m blown away at how well the product worked. No rash, no irritation, no ink transfer or pulling. It was extremely comfortable and moved with my skin. Was not painful at all to remove under warm water. The matte roll and tattoo cream will forever be my go to’s for healing.

Travis van Leeuwen
Best quality and value tattoo aftercare products

My wife and I love SecondSkin tattoo aftercare products! The bandages, salves, and foaming wash are a must for new tattoos!

J Singh
Aftercare excellence- tattoo cream and premium matte bandage

With particularly sensitive skin I have been making my own tattoo aftercare body-butter for years and was curious to try a new one. High quality, clean, plant based ingredients, goes on smooth and soothing if a little more "sticky" than I am accustomed. While the absence of a discernible scent left me longing for some lavender, I appreciate the accessibility of an odor free product.
I also tried the second skin premium matte bandage. My skin reacts poorly to the smothering feeling of plastic wrap and I get blisters from medical tape. The bandage went on relatively easily if you follow the video directions. I found it comfortable to wear for almost 24 hours, much longer than I would have allowed plastic wrap on my skin. This particular application was for a full sleeve making it a little complicated to apply but in the end it went on and off easily. Next time I will try removing the bandage in the shower to make things even easier.

Nadine Contreras

The after care lotion has a very nice consistency. Packing is also awesome!