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Crème de tatouage originale SecondSkin ™ 0,25 oz
Crème de tatouage originale SecondSkin ™ 0,25 oz
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Crème de tatouage originale SecondSkin ™ 0,25 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark S.
First tattoo, did it right

I got my first ink done and bought second skin to use for after care. I had zero bleeding, ink run off, scabbing, or anything at all. Healed perfectly and feels really nice on a fresh tattoo . I’ll buy it again before my next one for sure!

Arien Telles
Love this skin cream!

Once again, I purchased the full spectrum tattoo cream from Second Skin and, as always, I love it! It’s soothing and hydrating - tattoo requirements for harsh midwest winters! I also love that it’s not greasy. Def my go-to product!

I’m obsessed!

I’ve been tattooing for a couple of years and have tried many different glides. I hate how greasy and oily they often are + some have a weird, sandy texture. This one is as smooth as butter but it doesn’t melt on my gloves too quickly, which is a huge plus. It doesn’t clog my needles either and it really seems to alleviate redness and swelling while I’m tattooing. I frequently recommend this product to my clients for aftercare as well. Try it — you won’t regret it!