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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Product & Order Support

What is SecondSkin™ bandage made of?

SecondSkin™ is made from an acrylic adhesive, a polyurethane membrane, and a paper backing.

What is the difference between Premium Matte and the original?

Our Premium Matte bandage is thinner and more flexible than our original bandage. It is easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. It also is easier to remove. It has a matte finish which allows clothing and sheets to slide over easily and is less noticeable on the skin.

How long can I leave SecondSkin™ on?

You can leave SecondSkin™ on for up to seven days. We do recommend changing the bandage around the 24-36 hour mark. See our full instructions here. If you experience any irritation or discomfort discontinue use.

Is SecondSkin™ bandage suitable for me if I'm allergic to Bandaids and medical tape?

If you know you’re allergic to medical adhesives or one of the ingredients, you should not use Secondskin™ bandage. We would instead suggest using our tattoo cream.

There's some leftover adhesive, how do I get it off?

Massage some coconut oil (or our tattoo cream) into the area with clean hands. Let it sit for about a minute and then gently rub it off. If that doesn’t do the trick, repeat the process.

Are all of your products vegan?

Yes, we’re vegan owned and maintaining our ethics is very important to us. Our original tattoo cream is certified vegan.

Does your tattoo cream or foaming wash contain any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates?

No. We use all natural ingredients. In addition to that, our original tattoo cream is certified organic.

Does your tattoo cream or foaming wash have any added fragrances?

We do not use any fragrances in our products. We want to make sure that they are accessible to people who may have more sensitive skin or allergies.

I just placed an order and I'm getting tattooed tomorrow, will it be here in time?

Nope. It takes 2 - 5 days for processing and then another 2 - 3 days shipping within the United States. International orders typically take 6 - 12 business days.

I own a tattoo shop, can we make wholesale purchases and resell your products?

Yes! You can make wholesale purchases directly through our order page. There is an option up top to filter for wholesale options.

I live in Salt Lake, can I swing by and pick up some product?

Hell yeah swing on through! Our retail hours are 11am - 4pm Monday through Friday.

Can I go swimming with SecondSkin™ on?

While SecondSkin™ is waterproof, you should never submerge a new tattoo in water. This includes pools, hot tubs, baths, lakes, oceans, and puddles. Showers are ok though.

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