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SecondSkin™ Original Personal Pack
SecondSkin™ Original Personal Pack
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Customer Reviews

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N. Wolfe
Best decision ever

For me, the worst part of getting a tattoo is the first 3-5 days of healing --- washing it while it still hurts, keeping my clothes from touching it, worrying about dirt, etc.

This stuff was the perfect size, went on easily, and got rid of all my least favorite parts of healing. And the tattoo came out great!!

Anna Rude
Easy aftercare

I love tattoos but the amount of effort required for aftercare is just way too much work for my neurodivergent brain.
It would be a sensory nightmare to deal with without second skin.
Sheets and clothes stay clean and I’m not washing and applying aquaphor several times a day.
I love second skin and I’ll never get another tattoo without it!


Second skin was a life saver on the beach!