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SecondSkin™ Full-Spectrum Tattoo Cream 4oz
SecondSkin™ Full-Spectrum Tattoo Cream 4oz
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SecondSkin™ Full-Spectrum Tattoo Cream 4oz

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Jamie Winters

SecondSkin™ Full-Spectrum Tattoo Cream 4oz

Amazing products and phenomenal customer service

**Updated Review**

I ordered a 4oz full spectrum balm and the foaming wash. Prior to being able to use the products I had a minor complication due to the shipping. Eric at customer service was very quick to email and call me to remedy the situation. Now that I had a chance to use the products, I wanted to update my review to reflect on the product.

The CBD full spectrum balm is outstanding, and by far the best product I have used on my ink/skin yet. It really seemed to make a difference in the healing process. The foaming wash was also very nice and soothing post session and during the healing stages. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the products, and very pleased with the customer service. I will without a doubt continue to use this product and recommend it to others.

Thank you!

Hi Cory, sorry about this. A brief explanation, the alerts that we get from the contact form through the website looks an awful lot like the alerts from the web chat. So the person in charge of communications went into the web chat, saw that there were no open conversations, and thought it was already taken care of. Just know that we didn't intentionally ignore your messages.

We'll go ahead and replace those damaged items for you. As soon as we get a tracking number we'll email you with that info. Sorry again.

Savanna Burden
Can’t recommend enough

I absolutely love the full spectrum cream! I have used Hustle Butter, Tattoo Goo, Mad Rabbit, and the full spectrum. Out of all of these the full spectrum has been my favorite. It has a smooth, creamy consistency that goes on easily and melts right into the skin. The CBD in it seemed to help the pain quite a bit and I haven’t had as much itching using this vs the other aftercare creams, salves, and lotions I have tried.

My only complaint is that it’s easy to go through the jar pretty quickly if you have a tattoo on the larger side. Still, I’d rather have a smaller quantity of a high quality product than getting a lot of a product that doesn’t work as well for me. Still worth 5 stars! (And I’ll be getting more for my follow up session)

Great product and better service

Probably the best tattoo care cream I’ve ever used, moisturises my skin and makes the tattoos look wildly vibrant. Unfortunately when I received it, there was an issue with the packaging, fortunately they jumped on and fixed it faster than I thought possible. So much integrity with these guys and the products to match with it.

Hey Chris, sorry to hear that your tattoo cream leaked. The good news is that it's an easy fix and we'll be getting another one out to you right away.

Lou O
Made my First Tattoo a Breeze

Had my first large piece done recently and this made healing such a breeze. Love how easy it is to melt into the skin.